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Your Child’s Surgery

The morning of your child’s surgery

Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you and your child, as you get ready for their surgery. Follow these tips on the morning of surgery.

Call the hospital if your child is sick

If your child has a fever or flu-like symptoms call the hospital. You may still be asked to come in to the hospital so the doctor can see your child. They’ll decide if your child can have surgery or if it needs to be postponed until your child is feeling better.

Make sure your child has an empty stomach

Your child’s stomach must be empty except for important medicine. Make sure your child doesn’t eat anything before surgery. This includes gum or candy.

You can give your child any medicines they can’t miss. If you have questions about which medicines your child should take, talk to your child’s doctor or pharmacist before the day of surgery. Give your child only this medicine before you leave home. If the medicine needs to be swallowed, only allow a sip of water, no more than 30 mL (1 ounce).

What to wear to the hospital

Have your child wear comfortable clothing to the hospital, such as a large t-shirt or a pajama top with bottoms.

If your child wears contact lenses, leave these at home and have them wear eyeglasses to the hospital.

What to bring to the hospital

Bring any medical equipment and personal supplies your child will need for their care such as their personalized wheelchair, mobility aids, tube feeding supplies or diapers.

Bring your child’s own medicine for the first 24 to 48 hours. This helps to make sure they won’t miss a dose of their medicine before the hospital pharmacy can get a supply.

S​ee our suggested packing list.

Arrive on time

Get to the hospital on time. Give yourself an extra 30 minutes for parking and walking to the patient registration desk. You may need to pay for parking.​​​​​

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