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Your Child’s Surgery

6 weeks before your child’s surgery

Being prepared and knowing what to expect will help you and your child, as you get ready for their surgery. Follow these tips 6 weeks before surgery.

Arrange childcare for siblings

Families are welcome to visit on the day of surgery. Since it can turn into a very long day, ask family or friends if they can watch your other children while you’re at the hospital.

Some hospitals may offer childcare for short amounts of time. Contact the hospital or go to the hospital website for more information.

Taking time off work

At least 1 parent needs to be with your child on the day of surgery. Ask the surgeon how long your child will be in the hospital and how long they need to stay home to recover. This will help you plan for any days you need to be off work.

Talk with your child's teacher

Let your child's teachers know how long your child will be away from school to help plan for any missed schoolwork.

Some hospitals may have a school on-site with teachers that can help your child with their schoolwork. Contact the hospital for more information.

Talk to your child or teen about their surgery

Talking to your child about their surgery is important. They will feel less anxious if they know what to expect. If you need help getting your child ready for their surgery, contact your hospital. Your hospital may have a child life specialist who can help.

Arrange for a place to stay if you are from out of town

You may need accommodation before and after your child’s surgery. If you need a place to stay, visit the following webpages for a list of accommodations near the 2 children’s hospitals in Alberta.

For information on places to stay close to other hospitals, contact the hospital directly.​​​

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