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Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls

Be Kind to Your Feet


Taking care of your feet and shoes are important to prevent falls. If your feet are sore, nail care is poor, or if you have foot problems, the way you walk can change. Shoes support your feet and help you keep your balance.

Take Action

  • Check your feet often for corns, calluses, bunions, open sores, dry skin and thickened nails. Use a mirror if needed. This is very important if you have diabetes. If you need help, ask your healthcare provider to check your feet for you.
  • Have foot pain checked by a healthcare provider such as a podiatrist or go to a foot clinic. Get information about foot and nail care. Ask about foot exercises for foot pain or ankle stiffness.
  • If you like to soak your feet, do not soak for more than 10 minutes. Soaking too long will dry your feet out. (Soaking is not recommended if you have diabetes.)
  • Dry your feet completely after washing. Apply cream or lotions to moisturize. Use cotton socks if your feet sweat a lot.
  • Wear well fitting shoes that provide support and allow enough room if your feet swell. Avoid bare feet, stocking feet and heavy shoes.
  • Avoid floppy slippers with an open heel. Wear a pair of shoes that you only use inside.

"I was rushing to answer the phone and tripped on the rug and fell. My old floppy slippers probably didn't help. I feel safer now wearing my new running shoes inside the house."


To learn more about your risk of falling complete the “Is there a chance you might fall?” checklist.​

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Current as of: June 30, 2019

Author: Fall Risk Management Program