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Headache Management: Sleep Strategies

Before You Start

What you will learn in Before You Start:

  • your sleep patterns
  • how sleep affects your life
  • sleep tools that you'll use while you work through the module

You need to print out and complete 3 different tools (listed below). These tools will help you keep track of your sleep patterns throughout the module. Keep them for your own reference.

  • The Current Sleep Status Questionnaire will help you understand more about your sleeping.
  • The Glasgow Sleep Impact Index (GSII part one) will help you see how your sleep is affecting your life and how you’d like to see it get better.
  • A sleep diary is a journal of your sleep. It’s done every day. You can use this throughout the module to track your progress. To complete a sleep diary:
    • Print off one diary every week until you finish the module. Fill it in every day.
    • Fill in the top part of the diary when you wake up
    • Fill in the bottom part of the diary right before you go to sleep​