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Changes after a brain injury

Changes in perception

Your perception is how well you notice or “see” things. It depends on:

  • what you know about your own body
  • how your body moves
  • what you see, hear, and feel (sensory information)
  • how well you compare new sensory information to old information you’ve stored in your memory to make decisions about how to respond to new situations

This information builds over your life. It’s what you use to do complicated tasks, like getting dressed, cooking, driving a car, or reading.

You can have changes in perception when there’s damage to the areas of the brain that:

  • control perception
  • are involved in memory, thinking, and reasoning

In this section you’ll learn about the common problems in perception that can happen after a brain injury, how they affect everyday activities, and ways to help someone who has these problems.

You can also talk to a healthcare provider, such as a physical therapist or occupational therapist, for tips to help deal with perception problems.​

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