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Life after a brain injury

Going home

When you go home after leaving the hospital, this means you may:

  • not need a lot of help with care
  • need some help from a family caregiver
  • need help from home care

Getting care

Many people with a brain injury will still need to go to the hospital for rehabilitation (called outpatient rehabilitation) once they leave.

Outpatient rehabilitation can last much longer than the rehabilitation therapy you had while you stayed in the hospital. Members of your healthcare team will work with you to set goals to help you recover and do as much on your own as possible.

Tips for caregivers

Having realistic goals and expectations for yourself as a caregiver is important during your loved one’s recovery. The healthcare team is here to answer your questions and to support you as everyone adjusts to life at home.

Let the team know that you’re the caregiver. Ask to meet with the social worker as soon as you can to talk about:

  • how much time you can spend being a family caregiver
  • how much of the needed care you plan to give
  • your job and if you have to take time off
  • any health problems or issues you have, such as not being able to lift
  • your other commitments, such as caring for young children
  • all your questions and concerns about being a caregiver​

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