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Life after a brain injury

Leaving the hospital

No one knows the exact day you’ll leave the hospital. You and your healthcare team will know more as you recover.

Your healthcare team starts to plan your leave from the hospital almost from the day you arrive. Everything they do is to get you ready to go back to your life before your injury.

When you leave the hospital, you may go home, to another site for more rehabilitation, or you may stay in the hospital until you go to a supportive living facility (like a personal care home, assisted living, or long-term care facility).

Your rehabilitation team makes sure you and your family know what things you need and what you need to do to keep working toward your goals after you leave the hospital.

Even after you leave the hospital, you’ll likely still come to the hospital or other care centre for rehabilitation (called outpatient rehabilitation). How often and how long your outpatient rehabilitation lasts depends on many things, like where you are in your recovery and your needs.

It’s OK if you don’t feel ready to leave the hospital when it’s time. This is a normal feeling after you’ve had this type of care.

You and your family will have many questions. Your healthcare team is here to support you and your family and help you find answers.

To help plan your leave from the hospital, print the discharge​ checklist​.

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