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Changes After a Brain Injury

Changes in Self-Awareness

It’s common after a brain injury for the person not to be as self-aware as he was before. For example, he may not be aware of what he can’t do anymore. He may not notice or remember the changes in himself. He may be in denial or grieving the changes in himself. Or he may feel pressure to return to home or work whether it’s a good idea or not. This may lead him to overestimate his abilities and underestimate his problems.

To help someone with impaired self-awareness

Talk to your therapist:

  • to learn ways to help set limits, with clear explanations to make up for poor judgement and to reinforce accurate “self” statements
  • to learn ways to help him predict how a task will go, then review how it went
  • to identify the best person to help him learn ways to become more self-aware (for example, he may not take feedback from his mother but will listen to his brother)

Give lots of supportive but realistic feedback.

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