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Rancho Los Amigos Scale

Level 7

When someone is level 7, they act a lot like their usual self. They:

  • can do everyday tasks without getting confused (or only getting a bit confused)
  • know and recognize staff, family, where they are, and what’s going on around them
  • know they’ve had a brain injury but may not know the details
  • can learn new things, but not as fast as they could before the injury
  • have a better memory, but there are still gaps
  • still have some problems with making good decisions (judgment), problem solving, and planning
  • may start doing activities they like without someone suggesting it
  • can do their own self-care (like brushing their teeth and bathing)

How to help during level 7

You can do the following to help your loved one during level 7:

  • Talk about things in the home that could be dangerous. Ask them to tell you what they have to do to stay safe.
  • Encourage them to write in their journal every day. You can also have them set up a reminder on a phone.
  • When you talk with them, make sure that your words, actions, and body language are clear. Use the same words, actions, and body language (rather than a mix of different ones) so they begin to understand what you mean more quickly. They may not understand teasing and sarcasm.
  • Support them as needed when they make decisions.
  • Be patient and creative. They may still be slow to answer questions, start conversations, or do an activity.
  • Help them think of other things to do (especially if they’re spending a lot time watching TV, for example).
  • Encourage them to keep having therapy or to go for counselling.​

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