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Rancho Los Amigos Scale

Levels 9 and 10

Level 9

When someone is level 9, they:

  • should be able to remember past and recent events, know how events may be related, and know which event happened first or last
  • can relearn how to do harder tasks, like driving and working at a job
  • can do things on their own, but may ask for help if they’re not sure how to do it

Level 10

When someone is level 10, they can finish activities on their own. But they may need more time to do them. They’re also:

  • able to set personal and work goals
  • aware of how they act when they spend time with others
  • able to notice what others need and feel
They may seem back to their usual self, but they may feel depressed once in a while. Having a brain injury is something they’ll deal with for the rest of their life. So they’ll still need support from their family and friends.

How to help during levels 9 and 10

You can do the following to help your loved one during levels 9 and 10:

  • Keep offering them emotional support and encouragement.
  • Let them make their own choices, but help if asked or when it’s needed.
  • Be patient and comforting.

It can be hard to know how much you need to encourage them to do things on their own. But they still need your support. It’ll take time to figure out the right balance.

Be proud of yourself and your loved one when things go well.​

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