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Rancho Los Amigos Scale

Level 8

When someone is level 8, most people around them won’t notice any issues. They do well in public and social situations with others. But if you’ve known someone for a long time before a brain injury, you may still notice some changes.

They may also:

  • have a good memory for things that happened in the past
  • have trouble remembering things that recently happened or learning new things
  • follow routines and make changes to their routine with little help
  • have trouble handling stress, or fully understanding, or making good decisions in emergencies or situations they’re not used to

How to help during level 8

You can do the following to help your loved one during level 8:

  • Encourage them to be involved at home, school, or their job as much they’re able to. Help them pace themselves.
  • Help them manage their medicine (which may mean just being there while they take it). The goal is to help them do as much on their own as they can, and be as safe as possible.
  • Learn to appreciate them and the person they are now, even if they’re different in many ways since the injury.
  • Keep spending time with them and giving comfort and support. They still need it.​

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