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What are the symptoms and problems?

Symptoms are different for everyone. You can have symptoms that you feel in your body, that affect how you think, that affect how you feel, and affect how you sleep. Symptoms from each area can interact with each other and increase their influence. For example, lack of sleep together with a headache and irritability can change your ability to concentrate.

Symptom - Thinking Thinking​​
  • poor concentration
  • hard time remembering
  • hard time thinking of words
  • feeling slowed down
  • trouble thinking clearly

Symptom - Body Body​​
  • nauseated
  • headache
  • dizzy
  • clumsy
  • no energy
  • sensitivity to noise and light

Symptom - Feelings Feelings​​
  • sad
  • angry
  • anxious
  • moody
  • irritable

Symptom - Sleep Sleep​​
  • sleep more than usual
  • sleep less than usual
  • trouble falling and staying asleep
  • still tired after sleeping

These symptoms are a normal part of recovery and often they get better on their own. It is important to be patient with yourself—everyone feels tired, forgets things, or has trouble concentrating sometimes. ​