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Early Concussion Education

Getting Back to Real Life


Return to Activities Gradually

  • Having symptoms of concussion does not mean that you can’t do any activity. Don’t spend all day in a dark room!
  • It is very important that you pace yourself and gradually return to your usual routines. Start slowly. Start with 5 minutes of activity and add a bit more each day.
  • Make sure that you rest between activities.
  • Find simpler ways of doing things.
  • Make a schedule of daily and weekly activities that includes self-care, making meals, housekeeping, shopping, exercising, thinking, socializing, resting, and taking quiet time for yourself.
  • Stay away from loud, busy places.

Let Your Symptoms Guide You

  • If your symptoms (headaches, dizziness, fatigue) get worse, it means you have pushed too hard (intensity) or for too long (duration). You need to slow down and give you mind and body more time to rest.
  • Doing too much and being too tired may slow down recovery.