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Early Concussion Education

Strategy #3: Avoid Needless Stress


You can’t avoid all stress, and some stress is actually good. But you will be surprised by how simple it can be to get rid of some needless stress.

Stay Healthy
  • Set priorities – Look at your schedule, responsibilities, and daily tasks. Where do you want to spend your time and energy? If you’re too busy, decide what is a “should-do” and “must-do.” Ask for help if you can. And if a task is not very important, put it at the bottom of your list, or cross it off.
  • Learn to say “no” – Know your physical and mental limits and be firm. Overexertion and fatigue may slow down your recovery from concussion. Do not overextend yourself. Once you have established your priorities and stamina it is easier to say no.
  • Stay away from people who stress you out – If someone causes you stress and you can’t change it, don’t spend too much time with that person, or end the relationship.
  • Take control of your environment – If the evening news makes you anxious, turn the TV off. If traffic makes you tense, take a longer but less-travelled route. If going to the grocery store is an unpleasant chore, choose a quiet time and a small market, or do your grocery shopping online.