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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Am I Ready?

What you will learn in Am I Ready?:

  • Understand there are many factors that influence your weight
  • Reflect on your strengths and opportunities for change through a case study
  • Understand your reasons for change
  • Choose the right path for you

Exploring Factors That Influence Weight

What do you think is happening in your body and in your life that may be affecting your health and weight?

The diagram on the right shows some of the factors that can affect your weight and health. Do any of these factors look familiar? These factors may change over time.

This diagram is meant to show that it’s normal to have many things happening in your life that affects your weight and health. Weight management isn’t a simple problem with a straightforward solution: It’s complicated.

Some factors on the diagram are places where you might think about starting to make changes in your life. Others may be things that you’re not able to change, but are part of your story.

Keep this diagram in mind as you move through the sections in this module and ask yourself if one of these factors might be an opportunity for change for you.

This learning module may give you some ideas of where to start on your weight management journey. It can also be helpful to talk with your healthcare provider about possible reasons for your extra weight and develop a plan together to deal with the ones you can.