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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Gaining and losing weight

Many people find that they slowly gain weight year after year. Others find they can lose weight but have trouble keeping it off.

If you’ve already lost weight and plan to keep it off, or if you don’t want to gain more weight, think about some of the changes you can make. These changes will need to be for the rest of your life. Set realistic goals or milestones and make them one by one. It’s a good idea to check in regularly with your healthcare provider and ask for help when you need it.​

  • Tell others, like trusted family or friends, about what you’re trying to do. Ask them to help to stay motivated.
  • Remember to celebrate your successes. Small successes together can lead to reaching your goal.
  • Some things will work, some won’t, keep trying and find what works for you.
  • Think about what you’ve already done, keep doing the things that have led to your success.
  • Keep working with your healthcare providers, some strategies work better than others.

Something to think about ...

Go to your reflection journal and answer this question:

What has worked for you so far in your weight management journey?

Weight loss

If you’ve stopped gaining weight (your weight is stable), start thinking about other lifestyle changes you’d like to make.

Research shows that losing 1 to 2 lb. (0.5 to 1 kg) a week is a realistic and safe weight loss. Remember though that everyone loses weight at a different rate.

A 5% to 10% weight loss over 6 months can help lower your risk for many medical conditions. You may also have a much healthier blood pressure, blood sugar level, and cholesterol with a weight loss of 5% to 10%. Other health conditions (such as sleep apnea) may also improve.

To figure out 10% of your body weight, use the first 2 numbers of your weight. 5% would be half of that. For example:

  • 10% of 220 lb. (100 kg) = 22 lb. (10 kg)
  • 5% of 220 lb. (100 kg) = 11 lb. (5 kg)

When you set goals, you can reach and make realistic life choices, you help build the skills and confidence you need to move forward. Once you’ve started to make some healthy choices to manage your weight, you’ll want to keep making those choices to help stay at your weight over time.

Something to think about ...

Go to your reflection journal and ask yourself 2 questions:

  1. Are the healthy choices I have made, or plan to make, to lose weight something I can do for the rest of my life?
  2. Are these choices something I can keep doing and still enjoy my life?​