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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Your best health

When you’re finished this section, you’ll know more about how:

  • obesity is complex
  • weight management is something that takes place over a lifetime
  • your weight may be affecting your life

Everyone has different life circumstances.

I’m a busy, working mom of a wonderful teenage daughter. I also take care of my mother, who has dementia. I’ve been so tired lately. My doctor told me that my blood pressure is high.
I really feel like everything’s just too much and have been getting stressed out a lot. Being impatient and getting upset isn’t a good thing. I’m a school teacher. I feel I’m not my best self for my family or my students.
I really want to get my health in order. I need help to make this happen. It's time for a change!

Something to think about...

What your reasons are for wanting to make changes in your life?

Go to your reflection journal and write down some of your reasons.​