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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management


What you will learn in Medicines:

  • Learn about weight management medicines
  • Learn how medicines can affect weight

Is there medicine that can help me manage my weight?

There are only a few approved medicines in Canada to treat obesity. For some people, medicine may be added to the lifestyle changes they're already making, such as healthy eating and activity. If you want to know if medicine is right for you, talk with your healthcare provider.

You may have heard about products such as drinks, powders, and pills that make claims about weight loss, melting fat, or boosting your metabolism. Based on the studies so far, there’s not enough proof that these products will help. There may be safety concerns and unwanted side effects with some of these products. If you’re thinking about or taking a product and would like to learn more, talk with your healthcare provider.

Can some medicine affect weight?

Medicine that changes your appetite, metabolism, heart rate, digestion, breathing, and mood can also affect your weight (loss or gain). Your doctor may recommend or make changes to your medicine as part of the plan to help you manage your weight and health. Talk to your healthcare providers, including your doctor and pharmacist, about the medicine you take and how they might help you with your weight and health. You can also ask your healthcare provider to review the medicine you take regularly.