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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management


Managing your weight isn’t as simple as counting calories in and calories burned. Healthy eating and regular physical activity are important for health and weight but that’s not the whole story.

The sections in this learning module will help you:

  • explore your strengths
  • find opportunities for change
  • introduce topics that you may not have thought were related to weight (like sleep)

You’ll be guided to look at these questions:

  • What can you change in your life?
  • Is this the right time for you to make changes to support managing your weight?

You’ll get the most out of this learning module if you use the tools in the module and set goals along the way. The worksheets provided will help. Each module has a reflection journal. The journal has questions that will help you remember what’s important to you as you go through each section. You can print the journal or save it on your computer or device and make notes as you go along.

Each section of the learning module lets you choose the path that best fits with what you need. You’re the expert in your own life. You know what’s worked for you before and what your experience has been.

You may find it most helpful to start with the “Your Best Health” section. You’ll find an overview of what weight management is really about. You’ll have a chance to look at what may be influencing how you manage your health and weight. How ready are you to act to manage your health and weight?

You can personalize how you go through this module. Once you’ve finished Your best health and Am I ready:

  • Decide on what to work on next. Pick the topic that you think would help you the most right now. Work through the other sections in the order that works for you. You’re in charge. You’ll read about suggestions and ideas to help you find out what can work for you.
  • Learn about what actions you can take to help improve your health and manage your weight. You won’t do all these actions at once, but they’re changes you can make over time.
  • Take the information and skills you learn and put them into practice. Changing habits takes a lot of practice. Keep at it and over time, you’ll start to feel more comfortable and learn what works for you.​