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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Sleep Strategies

What will help you sleep well?

A well-spent day brings happy sleep.Leonardo da Vinci

When you think about what you feel affects your sleep, where do you feel you could start making a change?

This month, try different strategies to improve your sleep. Choose 1 or 2 areas where you feel you’re ready to make changes.

If you wish to save the blank form or print your answers, refer to the reflection journal.

  • Set up your bedroom to support healthy sleep and reduce distractions.
  • Develop a healthy sleep routine 60 to 90 minutes before bed.
  • Do positive things during the day that will help you sleep.
  • Manage your health better and talk to your healthcare provider about your sleep.

Something to think about...

BedroomSleep RoutineDaytime HabitsManage Health

The Bedroom

There are many ways to set up your bedroom to help you sleep well.

If you wish to save the blank form or print your answers, refer to the reflection journal.

Check any of the items you're currently doing.


If this is an area that's a priority for you and you're ready to make a change. Choose one or two items you want to set a SMART goal around.

Remember, setting too many goals can be overwhelming. Think about your goals, your circumstances, and competing priorities you may have when deciding how many goals you want to set as you work through this learning module. Depending on what’s happening in your life you may be able to work on one goal or a few smaller goals at the same time.

Sleep Routine

  • warm bath
  • reading
  • knitting
  • quiet music
  • deep breathing
  • yoga
  • stretching exercises
  • Other–add your own
  • not eating heavy meals close to bed time
  • exercising earlier in the day if possible
  • reducing the amount you drink close to bedtime if you’re waking up to use the washroom
  • not using alcohol, nicotine, and stimulants

Daytime Habits


Manage Health to Sleep