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Plan your sleep and support

Almost all changes or new habits have a plan. If you make a plan and set some goals about what you want to have happen you’ll be much more likely to succeed. This is true in your career and in your life outside of work. It is especially true for managing your weight and for getting better sleep. Think about what you could do to improve your sleep this month.

  • What time will you go to bed?
  • What time will you wake up?
  • How will you know if your sleep is better?

Using tools and reminders to help build your skills, track your progress, and keep you motivated can help. These tools may help you identify patterns of your sleep or areas that you may want to work on making better.

These tools may help you to keep track of your sleep:

  • Write in a journal.
  • Keep a sleep log or journal that includes things like sleep time, wake time, meals, and activity.
  • Using a sleep monitor.
  • Using a Smartphone app.
  • Wear an exercise tracker that has settings to monitor your sleep.

If you start to feel that this is too much to keep track of, take smaller steps and work on 1 thing at a time when you’re getting started.

These are only a few ideas that may help you plan your sleep. If this is an area that's a priority for you and you're ready to make a change, try doing 1 or 2 of these and see what works for you

Something to think about...

Go to your reflection journal and make a plan on how you’ll start making changes to get a better sleep. Consider making a SMART goal for what you want to try next.


There’s a lot to learn and remember. You can come back to this learning module as often as you want. You can go over the information and maybe try new ways of doing things.

Everyone needs help to keep them on track. You don’t need to do this alone. Find someone around you that can help you with your choices and monitor your progress. They can help you celebrate even the smallest changes and help keep you moving in the right direction toward your goals.

  • Talk to your family doctor or healthcare provider about this learning module and your health choices.
  • Keep trying new ways until you get the results you want.
  • Look for other supports, education, and information that might help you.
  • If you feel comfortable share your decision with trusted friends, family, or people you work with.
  • If you feel comfortable with it, you can share your journey on social media. Some of your contacts may be able to encourage you. You may also end up helping them by being their inspiration and support.

There are times when you may need more help with questions you might have. If you’ve tried some of these tips to get better sleep, and you feel you’re not getting good sleep, talk to your healthcare provider.

Check the resource section for more information about sleep.​​