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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

Readiness to Change


Commitment has to come from within ourselves. Sometimes people will say they’re ready or motivated to make a change when they really aren’t. This can happen for many different reasons. When deciding if you’re ready to make a change, it can be important to ask yourself:

  • Is this a change that I want to make or is it really because someone else wants me to make the change?
  • Am I really ready to make this change and do something differently, or is it really that I just want the results?
  • Is this something I want to do or is it really that I think it’s something I should do but don’t want to?

Something to think about ...

If you wish to save the blank form or print your answers, refer to the reflection journal.

To explore your readiness further it can help to think about the questions below.

  • Do I see my weight as a problem?
  • Does my weight concern or upset me?
  • Am I really interested in making a change to support my health and weight?
  • Given everything I have going on in my life, am I ready to make a change now?
  • Do I believe I have all the information and knowledge I need to make these changes? If not there’s lots of help available.

There may be some things you’re not ready to do yet—that’s okay. You can focus on the changes that you’re ready to make. Or for those changes you aren’t yet ready for, work to build your knowledge, and continue to explore what might make it worthwhile to think about making a change. It’s natural to have competing priorities in your life. You may find that you need to deal with something else in your life first. It can help to talk to your healthcare provider about what you can do.


Sometimes readiness (whether you see the change as worthwhile) can be affected by how confident you feel. In other words if you’ve had many experiences of trying to manage your weight and health behaviours and then feeling like you failed, you may have thought “why bother trying again?” Instead, think about this—it wasn’t you that failed but it may have been the plan that failed. How we set goals, plan, and problem solve around obstacles or things that get in our way, can increase our chance of success. Take a moment to think about this and then ask yourself again how ready you are to make a change.