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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management

One step at a time

Weight management is a lifelong journey. When you need to make changes, it takes time and effort to make them. 

Another way to look at weight management is to think of making a garden. It doesn't happen overnight. It takes time, work, and you'll need to make some decisions along the way. To move from the idea of a garden to an actual garden with plants, flowers, or vegetables, you work at it one thing at a time. Over time, you start to see results.

To make a garden, you first need to decide on where you want it and what you want to plant. Then you get the soil ready for the seeds or plants. The way you plan and prepare sets you up for success. This is the same when it comes to your weight management journey.

In your garden, you'll make choices that will affect how the plants grow. More water, less water, or maybe some fertilizer, and then see what works. In weight management, you'll also make choices, often one at a time. Some will work to help you move towards your goals but some may not. 

Just like seeds don't grow right away, it may take time in your weight management journey before you see results. You learn what works for you as you try different things.​

Pulling out the weeds in a garden isn’t much fun. But it’s necessary for healthy plants to grow. Weeding involves getting rid of those things that aren’t part of the plan. Slowly, one by one, you’ll pull out habits or choices that interfere with your health goals.

A successful garden has plants that are right for the climate and that do well in the area. Look around and see if you can see what kinds of things you have around you that can help you. What’s your climate like? Some examples of strengths in your environment are:

  • having someone to talk to about the changes you’re making
  • good weather that lets you get outside to start being more active
  • you have control over your food choices
  • you have time to take care of yourself

When you use the strengths around you and start doing what works for you, you’ll start to see that you’re moving toward the healthier person you started this journey to be.

Take a few minutes now to write down your answers to these questions.

  • Are there things in your life you want to weed out or cut back to create a healthier you?
  • What are the strengths in the environment around you?
  • How can you change the environment ​​around you to help you on your weight management journey?