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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management


What you will learn in Sleep:

  • Learn how much sleep is enough
  • Understand the benefits of sleep
  • Discover the sleep-weight connection
  • Understand what impacts sleep
  • Know what obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is

Sleep Well for Your Weight

Do you feel sleep is affecting your weight?

Sleep impacts health and well being. This includes reaching and staying at a healthy weight. People often don’t think about their sleep when working on managing their weight. Not getting enough sleep or poor quality sleep can have a big effect on motivation, appetite, and energy levels.

I think if you have a good night's sleep, you can take on the world.Tamsin Egerton

Not getting enough sleep is linked to weight gain. Not enough sleep also causes you to feel sleepy or tired during the day—it can even affect your mood. This can make healthy lifestyle changes harder to manage. For example, you may be too tired to be active or cook a healthy meal.

Something to ask yourself...

If you wish to save the blank form or print your answers, refer to the reflection journal.

How much sleep do you usually get?