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Your Best Health: Adult Weight Management


What services and supports can help you with your best health in weight management?

Look for programs and services that can help you in your weight management journey. is your resource for non-emergency health information. Search for terms such as weight management or wellness and lifestyle to find related programs and services. We have highlighted few. Call Health Link at 811 to find in-person weight management programs and services near you.

Talk to your Healthcare Providers

Talk to healthcare providers that you know and trust about your weight management. They can all help in different ways and will often work together in support your weight and health. Healthcare providers might include:

  • bariatric specialist
  • family doctor or primary care practitioner
  • occupational therapist
  • primary care network health team and services
  • pharmacist
  • physiotherapist
  • registered dietitian
  • registered nurse
  • psychologist
  • mental health worker
  • social worker
  • exercise physiologist

Join a Better Choices, Better Health® workshop

Canadian Obesity Network

Go to a Weight Management Group Education Workshop

Healthcare providers teach the workshops in different centres, Primary Care Networks (PCN), and other Alberta Health Services programs. Check with your healthcare provider or PCN to see if they offer group education workshops on adult weight management. The workshops focus on topics such as:

  • nutrition (see Nutrition Resources)
  • physical activity
  • stress
  • emotional eating
  • setting goals

Nutrition Resources

Healthy Eating Starts Here: Steps to a Healthier You helps Albertans understand what it means to eat healthy and how to make personal changes in their eating habits where they live, work, learn or play.

Come to one of the Nutrition Group Workshops for Adult Weight Management led by a registered dietitian: You can ask about these workshops by calling Health Link at 811.

  • Nutrition: The top 5 tips to reduce calories
  • Nutrition: Eating away from home and special occasions
  • Nutrition: I know I should eat healthy, but how?
  • Nutrition: The truth about what works in weight management

Chronic Disease Management

Access chronic disease management support in your community.


Come join UWALK:

Sleep Resources